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Gamma Beta Frat Boys

Every time I see a soldier featured in a local newscast, or called “a hero” by a talking head, I can’t help but think, “how can we possibly know what he’s like when nobody’s watching.” Knowing man, how can we possibly believe there are “only a few bad apples?”

Exclusive: Lawyer says Guantanamo abuse worse since Obama
by Luke Baker
February 25, 2009

Abuse of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay has worsened sharply since Obama took office as prison guards “get their kicks in” before the camp is closed. Abuses began to pick up in December after Obama was elected, human rights lawyer Ahmed Ghappour told Reuters. He cited beatings, the dislocation of limbs, spraying of pepper spray into closed cells, applying pepper spray to toilet paper and over-forcefeeding detainees who are on hunger strike.

“If one was to use one’s imagination, (one) could say that these traumatized, and for lack of a better word barbaric, guards were just basically trying to get their kicks in right now for fear that they won’t be able to later,” he said. Continue reading →

Do Medics Have More Fun?

Will Torture for Shitz 'n Giggles

Will Torture for Shitz 'n Giggles

[Horrifying new details of our “conduct unbecoming,” from the Neeley Report, via JD Tuccille]

I talked about the detainee who came to Camp X-Ray wounded from a .50 caliber. His bicep had attached to his forearm due to the fact his arm was in the sling for so long. I escorted this detainee to medical a couple times for physical therapy as he could not bend his arm down at all.

On one occasion, when I escorted him there the medic began to massage the area that was attached and he keep rubbing harder and harder to the point the detainee started to cry and squirm all over the bed.

The medic stopped massaging and started to stretch the detainee’s arm down a little at a time. You could tell this was very painful and uncomfortable for him. The medic said “You really want to watch him scream.” Then he stretched the arm all the way down until it was straight out on the bed. The detainee started screaming loud and crying.

The medic finally put his arm back up and did it again. And then he said he was finished with the physical therapy. The whole time the medic just laughed at what he was doing. We then escorted the detainee back to his cage.

Note that pain was inflicted on a disabled prisoner in the course of physical therapy for an injury. The pain served no punishment purpose and there was no intention to elicit information or compliance. The prisoner was abused by a medic for…fun. What do we do about a culture of casual cruelty toward detainees for entertainment purposes?

[Further comment unnecessary…rb]

Iraqis Must Take Responsibility! Israelis? Not So Much…

[Obama on Iraq]  Let me be clear. Ending this war is not going to be easy. We have to ensure that our interests in a stable Iraq are met and make sure that our troops are secure. [We Americans are so “exceptional” that, when Iraqis are willing to put our interests above their own, and they’ve stopped resisting our troops, we’ll leave? No wonder God loves us best!]

[Obama, again.] My plan to end this war will finally put pressure on Iraq’s leaders to take responsibility for their future. Because we’ve learned that when we tell Iraq’s leaders that we’ll stay as long as it takes, they take as long as they want.

Cost to U.S. Taxpayers for U.S. Aid to Israel:
1949 to November 1, 1997

Grand Total of U.S. Aid to Israel =  $84,854,827,200
Interest Paid by U.S.  =  $49,936,680,000
Total Cost to U.S. Taxpayers  =  $134,791,507,200

Palestinian Centre for Human Rights [PCHR]: Weekly Report on Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory

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Physician, Torture Thyself…

The Neely account shows that health professionals are right in the thick of the torture and abuse of prisoners — suggesting a systematic collapse of professional ethics driven by the Pentagon. He describes body searches undertaken for no legitimate security purpose, simply to sexually invade and humiliate the prisoners.

This was a standardized Bush tactic — the importance of which became apparent when I participated in some Capitol Hill negotiations with White House representatives relating to legislation creating criminal law accountability for contractors.

Bush vehemently objected to provisions of the law dealing with rape by instrumentality. When House negotiators pressed to know why, they were met first with silence and then an embarrassed acknowledgement that a key part of the Bush program included invasion of the bodies of prisoners in a way that might be deemed rape by instrumentality under existing federal and state criminal statutes. While these techniques have long been known, the role of health care professionals in implementing them is shocking.

[Click the links for complete article and testimony. Then try to tell yourself that Bush doesn’t have hours of these sessions in his porn collection (which he keeps with his coke stash)…rb]

Adulthood Is Child’s Play

When I was about 5 years old, one day I was standing at the sink, washing my hands, becoming annoyed that the water was splashing all over me, getting me wet…becoming further annoyed remembering that pretty much every time I washed my hands the water would soak me…and, suddenly, I heard my inner adult ask, “so why do you always turn the water on, full blast?” Defensively, I reacted, “because I like it hard.” And the grown-up casually returned with, “why do you like it hard?”

I thought for a moment, and, watching the high-velocity spray shoot from the faucet, realized I felt a “grrrrrrrr,” inside. That was a surprise. And confusing. I was being “mad through the water?” But the thought quickly passed, and I returned to the important issue — I liked it hard. I just didn’t like taking a shower every time I washed my hands.

“A softer stream works just as well, doesn’t it?” I adjusted the flow and admitted — it did. But, “I don’t know why…I don’t care why…I like it hard, and I don’t like getting wet.”

“Well, water splashes when it’s run hard. That’s just the way it goes. So if a softer stream works just as well and you don’t like getting wet, why are you doing that?” Wow. Why was I doing that? Continue reading →

The Sovereignty Bug

I hope it’s contagious, spreads like wildfire, and that there ain’t no cure.

“Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa has expelled a US embassy official for interfering in the country’s domestic affairs. ‘I am giving this gentleman 48 hours to grab his suitcase and get out of the country.’ The Ecuadorian president said the US official had sought to link economic aid to allowing Washington to choose the head of Ecuador’s anti-contraband police.

Correa also said that he would allow US coast guard airplanes to land on Ecuadorean soil ‘only on one condition: that we be allowed to vet the pilots of those planes so that they don’t sneak criminals into the country.’ Correa, an outspoken critic of Washington, enjoys a 70% popularity rating.”

He’s enjoying a 100% popularity rating in our humble abode!


There was no stopping the juggernaut — and it was impossible to ignore — so I was left with two choices. Bust a gut or slit my wrists [having (tried and) failed to create and rupture my own aneurysms, on command (though it is said I can do this for others, in my sleep)]. Let the hilarity begin!

This one tickled me, no end:  “In three separate dinners the night before the inauguration, Obama will honor McCain, Biden and Colin Powell. ‘In these times of great challenge and great change, leadership requires rising above the same old narrow partisanship,’ said Obama.  ‘Each of these distinguished Americans has spent his life in service to his country, at each and every moment placing the interests of America before issues of political party.'” No, it’s not from the Onion. But it is side-splitting. Continue reading →