resident bush: because the sheeple never learn.

The Sovereignty Bug

I hope it’s contagious, spreads like wildfire, and that there ain’t no cure.

“Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa has expelled a US embassy official for interfering in the country’s domestic affairs. ‘I am giving this gentleman 48 hours to grab his suitcase and get out of the country.’ The Ecuadorian president said the US official had sought to link economic aid to allowing Washington to choose the head of Ecuador’s anti-contraband police.

Correa also said that he would allow US coast guard airplanes to land on Ecuadorean soil ‘only on one condition: that we be allowed to vet the pilots of those planes so that they don’t sneak criminals into the country.’ Correa, an outspoken critic of Washington, enjoys a 70% popularity rating.”

He’s enjoying a 100% popularity rating in our humble abode!

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  1. Cara says:

    The US is destroying South America. Almost everything we have bad now is from the government of your country. When I was child I love the Americans. No more. Obama is your worse president more than even Bush!