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We Will NEVER “Get Over It!”

Today, we thank Hot Potato Mash for this video of Vincent Bugliosi discussing his latest book, The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder [now enjoying a media blackout]. We continue to maintain that, had Dubya not been born with silver service for a hundred up his ass, he’d be riding around Texas with a trunkful of duct tape, ski-masks, rope, and machetes, preying upon prostitutes and migrant workers.

The “man” is nothing but a state-sanctioned serial killer, and we’d bet money that he now spends his days drinking, doing massive amounts of coke, and jerking off over the war-porn collection that was his raison d’être for the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. These homo-erotic snuff films are surely George W. Bush’s primary source of “entertainment.”  rb

“In my book, ‘The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder,’ I present evidence that proves beyond all reasonable doubt that George Bush took this nation to war on a lie, under false pretenses, and therefore under the law is guilty of murder for the deaths of over 4,000 young American soldiers who died so far in this war.”  — Vincent Bugliosi

rb:  Though greatly disturbed that Bugliosi neglected to mention the untold murders of “Others,” and of the belief that the untold murders of the aforementioned “Others” are an even more heinous and criminal offense than the deaths of American soldiers who were “just following orders,” we at residentbush remain fans of Bugliosi, and None Dare Call It Treason will continue to occupy many exalted positions in our archives:

In the December 12 ruling by the US Supreme Court handing the election to George Bush, the Court committed the unpardonable sin of being a knowing surrogate for the Republican Party instead of being an impartial arbiter of the law. If you doubt this, try to imagine Al Gore’s and George Bush’s roles being reversed and ask yourself if you can conceive of Justice Antonin Scalia and his four conservative brethren issuing an emergency order on December 9 stopping the counting of ballots (at a time when Gore’s lead had shrunk to 154 votes) on the grounds that if it continued, Gore could suffer “irreparable harm,” and then subsequently, on December 12, bequeathing the election to Gore on equal protection grounds.

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