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Shmemorial Day

Though I lost heart, long ago, and now have absolutely no expectation that Americans will do anything significant to rein in the government, military, and corporations which intend to fully enslave all of humanity, occasionally I am still moved to comment on our disconnect.

So-called [self-professed] “liberal” and “progressive” bloggers annoy me the most, for the very same reasons Obama sickens me more than did Bush. Here are the words of one such deluded soul. I will not give attribution as his words are so very similar to others of his ilk, and this sort of blind stupidity runs rampant, so it’s not as though he is alone in his selfish idiocy. How ignorant must one be to plaintively suggest the following:

I’ll confess to being sympathetic to Obama’s resistance to pursuing torture prosecutions. We’re already asking a lot of this new president: fix the economy, regulate financial institutions, create national health insurance, address global warming, end two wars and build a better America.

With a plate this full, it isn’t hard to see why Obama might be resistant to moving forward on this front. Pushing ahead with criminal prosecutions of Bush administration officials would start a political war — making it much harder for Obama to move effectively on these other critical fronts.

Those of us screaming for action on torture need to be honest: doing what’s right isn’t always as clear-cut as we might wish. To take no action in the face of torture would certainly be wrong. But wouldn’t it also be wrong to pursue a few torture prosecutions of Bush administration officials if that means it will be impossible to adopt health care reform?

In weighing the rights and wrongs, how much does the wrong of an uninsured child receiving inadequate healthcare weigh against the wrong of not dragging Dick Cheney into court?

Yes, why should we waste time considering our murderous actions if such conscious behavior might keep us from improving our standard of living. Other people’s lives and suffering are so trivial when compared to our own.

Obama may have renegued on his most important campaign promises, he may have fought to continue wiretapping and other unconstitutional practices [which is perfectly acceptable, since he's "a Constitutional scholar." One should never question a person who has thoroughly studied the document he's shredding], he may be hiding behind signing statements and the lobbyists he’s appointed to his administration, he may act as “big daddily” as BushCo [believing that we are children who must accept such as "Father doesn't think it would be a good idea to legalize marijuana"], he may be “the peace candidate” who is ramping up wars and ordering the deaths of humans on new fronts — such as Pakistan — and threatening Iran and refusing to end the travesty that is Gitmo, he may be giving the entirety of Americans’ bounty to bankers and stockbrokers and the corporati [against the wishes made known by more than 80% of his constituents] — but if we dare hold him and the previous administration accountable we might not get health insurance and new jobs and a better economy! So let’s all remain as quiet as the little mice we are.

And am I the only one who finds it endlessly hilarious that we “brave” Americans are freaking out at the thought of imprisoning “terrorists” in America’s gulag? What a sniveling bunch of cowards we’ve become. We finally have the leaders we deserve, and it couldn’t have happened to a more spineless and self-obsessed collection of wankers…

This “memorial day” I will be remembering the hell we hath wrought [and continue to wreak] upon our fellow human beings, and begging God for forgiveness [and salvation]…rb

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  1. Elcy says:

    Ari:I am a colleague and freind of Mike Maday in CO Springs, CO, whom you mentioned in your book. Some insights that appear to be going unnoticed in CO and especially the bellwether county El Paso County, CO where even though Republicans own a 2-to-1 registered voter base but where El Paso also holds the 2nd highest number of Democrats in the state of CO. 2010 Midterm saw that Bennet won the unaffiliated (independents) in the county 51% to 25% going to the collection of 3rd Party candidates (4 being rightwingers, 2-o-1 in that pool) and Buck receiving 23% of that vote. Furthermore a State Senator, Dem majority leader Morse won re-election with a similar fashion in the county, (actually Morse carried 55% of the unaffiliated’s in his district) and won by 1.1%. Dem’s indeed turned out at a 82% rate in the early vote stage that included the mail votes. Election day voting was way down at 32% of all remaining voters, where Dem’s lost a few percentage points discounting the theory of a late surge. What this is telling me is that independents in CO and El Paso County rejected the Tea Party candidacies 7.5-to-2.5 in a state where there are supposedly more Tea Party affiliated voters. Furthermore the Maes-Tancredo vote has demonstrated a real fragmenting of the Republican brand and party where it appears only 190,000 Republicans are real party loyalists, (same number that McGinnis got in the Rep primary). This represents about 11% of the entire electorate that voted and about 25% or less of the entire registered Republican base in the state. What this means is foretelling going forward. In the end Donkeys remain herded, but the Elephants are splitting up.