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He’s A Giver!

Although the poor man has recently lost more than twenty-five percent of his net worth and is down to his last fourteen billion dollars, Charles Koch remains as committed as ever to being recognized for his charitable work. Though he finds his uncharitable work far more rewarding, both emotionally and financially, he knows better than to share this lifelong passion with the general public. Give the people what they want!

“Prosperity is only possible in a system where property rights are clearly and properly defined and protected, people are free to speak, exchange, and contract, and prices are free to guide beneficial action.” — Charles G. Koch

More Dead Chugach Natives

More Dead Chugach Natives

from Greg Palast: Here are a few pit-stops on the oily trail of tears:

In the 1980s, Charles Koch was found to have pilfered about $3 worth of crude from Stanlee Ann Mattingly’s oil tank in Oklahoma. Here’s the weird part.

Koch was (and remains) the 14th richest man on the planet, worth about $14 billion. Stanlee Ann was a dirt-poor Osage Indian.

Stanlee Ann wasn’t Koch’s only victim. According to secret tape recordings of a former top executive of his company, Koch Industries, the billionaire demanded that oil tanker drivers secretly siphon a few bucks worth of oil from every tank attached to a stripper well on the Osage Reservation
where Koch had a contract to retrieve crude.

Koch, according to the tape, would, “giggle” with joy over the records of the theft. Koch’s own younger brother Bill ratted him out, complaining that, in effect, brothers Charles and David cheated him out of his fair share of the looting which totaled over three-quarters of a billion dollars from the Native lands.

The FBI filmed the siphoning with hidden cameras, but criminal charges were quashed after quiet objections from Republican senators.

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The 50 Top American Givers: Charles Koch focuses on libertarian causes, giving money for academic and public policy research and social welfare around strict conservative ideals. He co-founded the Cato Institute and contributes to groups such as the Institute for Humane Studies at George Mason University. Other recipients of Koch’s charity include Florida State University, Mercatus Center at George Mason University, the Bill of Rights Institute, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Salvation Army, and Koch Cultural Trust (formerly Kansas Cultural Trust).

He’s a regular Robin Hood! Steal from the brown, give to the white — just the way God likes it…rb


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    we are so screwed

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    Palin MILKED her idiot fan base of their money right up until the day she pulled the rug out from under them. She was never going to run for prdeisent after all it is much harder work than running the mostly empty state of Alaska where she QUIT halfway through her first term. Plus the prdeisent’s salary is less than a half million a year. Sarah earns much more than that spewing her LIES on Faux News, autographing her ghost-written books, and her speaking fees which all earn her MILLIONS more. Like Paris Hilton, Sarah Palin is mostly famous for being famous. At least Paris knew her limitations. However, give Sarah credit for following the maxim of P.T. Barnum, There’s a sucker born every minute!