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Fuck Bush

Matthew Norman (the Independent UK):  How did this wastrel ever find his way to the White House? It takes a certain minimal intelligence for the truly dim to have a notion of their own dimness, but this is denied George Bush. He has the self-awareness of a bison.

And as if Dubya’s being a war criminal guilty of genocide weren’t enough, now comes the news that the last man executed for Bush’s jollies was probably innocent of the crime for which he was convicted.

Guy Adams (the Belfast Telegraph): The last man executed during George W. Bush’s term as governor of Texas was sentenced to death on the basis of a single piece of evidence – one human hair – which did not actually belong to him, DNA tests have shown.

This week’s discovery has huge legal significance because there has previously been no clear-cut case in modern US history of a defendant being sentenced to death on the back of evidence which is demonstrably false.

God Bless Julian Assange & WikiLeaks!
Sibel Edmonds, too!!


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  1. Doug says:

    History will not be kind to Americans. The world is broken all because of us and we are still bragging about how great we are. I used to be proud of my country but now I am ashamed to be American.